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Training & Speaking

Ensure your staff & supervisors are prepared to effectively operate in today’s business climate.

HR / Management Training

B Squared prides itself on designing practical tailored training programs.  We will work with you to assess your training needs and then develop an effective plan based on your company’s needs and budget.  Following are several of our most popular webinar / on-site training programs.


  Legal Issues for Supervisors

  Sexual and Other Harassment

  Providing Performance Feedback

  Effective Hiring Practices

  Mutual Respect in the Workplace

  Stay Interviews for Engagement & Retention

  FLSA Training for Supervisors

  Workplace Ethics

  Effective Discipline and Documentation

  Conflicts in the Workplace



We welcome the opportunity to speak to groups or at events on HR or management topics of current interest.  Presentations often combine wit and humor motivating the audience to action.  

“Workforce Trends:  Talent Acquisition and Retention”

“The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning”

“Managing the Latest Risk: Wage and Hour Violations”

“Effective Documentation and Employee Discipline”

“Performance Management and Organizational Success”

“Health Insurance & Other Benefit Trends & Strategies”

“Stay Interviews for Retention & Engagement”

“Mutual Respect in the Workplace”

“Conducting Effective and Legal Performance Reviews”

“Onboarding for Retention”

“Managing Underperformers”

“Workplace Bias Prevention”

“Job Search Strategy - Marketing Yourself for Success”

Replacing Key Employees”

“The Employees of Today and Why They Leave”

“Hiring & Firing Employees”

“How to Avoid Employee Misclassification Mistakes”

“Employment Records & Retention Requirements”

“Human Resources Jeopardy – The Top HR/Employment Law         Issues That Could Put Your Company in Jeopardy”


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