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There is little question as to what makes your business succeed - linking people strategies with business strategies. We provide proven solutions to enhance your business, while allowing you to spend more time concentrating on operational matters.

HR Consulting

Our Keep-It-Simple Solutions:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • ​Recruitment & Selection

  • HR Compliance Review

  • Performance Management

  • Background Checks

  • Onboarding Strategies

  • Succession Plans

  • Employee Surveys

  • Mission-critical Talent Retention

Strategic Planning Facilitation

We can assess where your business is today and help formulate a plan as a guide to ensure success tomorrow. By using our tools, we can do this within hours and days instead of weeks and months!


Executive Search

We will help you navigate through compliance issues, create effective advertising, vet candidates, facilitate interviews, and conduct thorough background checks on your behalf – all aimed at attracting and selecting leaders to build successful teams who are in tune with your markets and the culture of your organization.

Compensation & Benefits

We can help you develop pay, benefit, and incentive programs that are affordable, equitable, and effective; aligned with your business strategy.


Job Search

We can assist affected employees in making an easier transition by providing expertise and guidance in all aspects of the job search including:

  • Developing a marketing campaign

  • Resume & LinkedIn development

  • Interviewing skills and coaching

  • Identifying employable strengths

Telecom Board Self-Assessment

Board reviews are an important part of good corporate governance. We can create/conduct a board self-assessment (survey) intended to engage directors in an open and constructive discussion about its performance and identify where it can improve.


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